Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Sabah, Malaysia

 Jesselton Point Entrance

Jesselton Point Port                                          
Passageway to the Jesselton Terminal where one can go grab some food and dine.
Tables and Chairs along the side to give comfort to passengers who wants to relax and watch the view.
Pulau Mamutik! 
The view of Mount Kinabalu on Pulau mamutik. (The locals said that if you can see the tip of Kinabalu on a regular day means your going to be lucky. The clouds will always cover the peak of the mountain.)
Frolicking in the sand along Pulau mamutik.
A good thing about the Marine park is that they have lifeguards surrounding every section or corner for the safety of people.
Huge Trees along Pulau Manukan. I was amazed how diversed the place was even if it was just a small island.
Peking DUCK! (we first thought it was chicken LOL)
Sapi Island is quite interesting because it is really small and it also adjacent to another island where you can swim across (if your not afraid of the deep sea).
Huge schools of fishes welcomes us on Pulau Sapi.
Legends has it that these lizards are guardians of the islands, in respect to them people let them roam the island Freely! But they don’t really bite and they are quite approachable.
Weather is really awesome at KK. Woke up early morning at 730am since we all agreed that we should leave early for the islands (Mamutik, Manukan and Sapi island)! OUr friends Jopet and Kris looked for cheaper options for us to go to the three islands since getting travel agencies are too expensive. My girlfriend and I had coffee and bread (local curant jam was so LAmiii) while waiting for the guys. Around 830am we went to Tunku abdul rahman marine park. I noticed that the place is sooooo clean even if there are other tourist around. Waters are so crystal clear and the place is full of trees (huge ones)! Every Island is different..We went to pulau mamutik first and spend a few hours to swim and take photos of the surrounding. Then we had lunch at pulau manukan with our dine out food…roasted DUCK with rice and vinegar. It was the first time I ate duck but since we got really hungry we didn’t mind eating it. The next stop was for Sapi Island..Good place to go snorkeling or diving since fishes are huge and they aren’t afraid of People! Sapi Island has great rock formations at the sides and this was the last stop of our island hopping don’t forget to check their monitor lizard FREELY roaming around the island which is really cool. ♥
Wallet Damage:
Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park tour: RM150 (whole day for 4 persons w/c includes entrances to all parks, terminal fee)
Food: RM30 for 2 persons (food + drinks + cigarette (pall mall!))
Experience: Exhilarating!

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