Startup Real Estate Agency Launches New Real Estate Website in Phuket, Thailand

As the Phuket and other southern Thailand property market stabilizes, a new startup company composed of property specialist launches an interactive real estate website, a complete resource for buyers and sellers in the region.

Aiming to provide buyers and sellers with comprehensive access to the Phuket real estate market, group of local thai real estate agents announces the launch of or TREA. The interactive site is a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about the housing market in the Southern Thailand area and throughout the rest of the Country.
The site’s launch comes at an optimal time, what with the Phuket housing market currently showing signs of stabilizing. “We hope buyers, sellers and even current homeowners will find the site to be a handy guide to the market and the properties available,” says the founder of TREA. The site has been designed with a streamlined user interface and features a wide variety of real estate tools, property listings, community information and other resources.
“It’s good that the site was launched just as the real estate market here is regaining its equilibrium,” says the founder of TREA. “As a whole, the market in Phuket Thailand saw heightened activity during the first quarter of this year, with home prices and the number of home sales greatly improved as compared to the same period in 2000.”
In general, in fact Phuket has fared better than other metro areas  in terms of housing and the economy. Unlike other areas, Phuket didn’t really have a price bubble, home prices did not need to adjust drastically, plus Phuket also has the advantage of having a stable and diversified economic base.”
TREA a startup company specializes in Phuket, Thailand Properties as well as real estate throughout the district and the region. This new site offers extensive property listings, which include Land, Businesses, Hotels, Phuket homes for sale, Luxury Villas, Condominiums, apartments and other Phuket real estate. Visit for more in-depth information on the market today.


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