Bali 4wd Tour


Bali 4wd Tour is one of the best Bali Activities offer you the different way how to explore the wonders, see the real and the most exotic side of Bali island. we will show you the real Balinese way of life and the most beautiful nature and countryside of Bali island using our open able roof 4WD Legendary Land Rover or 4WD 4wd Cherokee and 4×4 Taft Hiline. All of our vehicle are designed with open able roof, it will be easier for you to stand up and take picture from the vehicle along the tours.

Bali 4wd Bali Jeep Tour is exciting adventure activities to see the most exotic side of Bali, the combination of Jeep tour and ATV or Quad Bike Ride. Enjoy driving our open able roof 4X4 jeep through spectacular countryside scenery and terraced rice fields, this jeep tour takes you to visit Margarana, Batukaru Temple and feel the real off road adventure with ATV or QUAD Bike, up and down hill trough the breathtaking scenery of largest terraced paddy field in Bali and visiting the hot spring as the last stop of this tour. The first stop of this jeep tour is Margarana, in this village we will stop to see the Monument of Puputan Margarana.

This places is I Gusti Ngurah Rai Memorial with his soldier, after World War II ended Indonesia fought against the Dutch for independence, which was achieved in 1949. In November, 1946, Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai led a group of Balinese guerrillas in a doomed battle in which all the Balinese were killed, but it was a moral victory. The Name of Bali Airport and also the main by pass road in Bali also taken from the name of this hero Ngurah Rai. The small military museum has old-fashioned weapons, Colts, Enfield’s, Stem guns, etc also built here.

On the way to Batukaru Temple we will drive through Puluk Puluk, beautiful countryside with it’s exotic views of rice terrace along the way and the Mount Batukaru as the back ground is a good chance for you to know or to witness the villagers way of life and their daily activities in the rice field. This is what the people call see the real Bali. Batukaru Temple is very silent peaceful temple located in the jungle at the foot of mount Batukaru. Pura Luhur Batukaru is a holy site in the eleventh century and was later consecrated by the Rajas of kingdom of Tabanan who made into their state temple and dedicated to their ancestors Gods.

The most important shrine is the unusual seven tired pagoda which is dedicated to Mahadewa the God of Gunung Batukaru. The farmers usually come here to take the holy water for agricultural ceremonies hoping they will have a good harvest. Then ATV or QUAD BIKE activties that you will do, it’s high-tire-wheels are modified specifically for off-road environment, with 250 cc or 350 cc engine power. Easy to drive on wet condition and reliable control to maneuver jumps. 4-stroke machines so no need to worry about using complicated clutch, just increase and reduce the gears, keep accelerator and the brakes.

Specially designed off road 4-wheel motorcycle, it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable and exciting journey. It is balance, it can not turn upside down except you turning suddenly very sharp with high speed. If you followed its instruction and ride carefully, it has exciting journey. Located right on the foot of Batukaru Mountain, feel the real fun off road adventure with ATV QUAD bikes, with the wet, muddy and dry track, rivers, up and down hill trough breathtaking scenery of largest terrace paddy field in Bali, clay type of soil with lots of rain provides fresh pleasant weather and thrilling route all year long.

This is the best ATV or Quad bike ride in Bali, it’s offer the best nature and adventure. Your Indonesian buffet lunch will be served after quad bike ride. NOTE : We provide 2 types of ATV, single and tandem, it is based on your request. And don’t forget to bring change cloth, maybe you will get dirt and wet. Then our next destination is visiting Belulang Hot Spring, consider as the hottest hot spring in Bali, located in the middle of the terraced rice field. You have chance to swim or shower in the fountain here, but don’t forget to bring your towel and change cloths as not allowed to take a bath naked here. The local believe it is good medicine for skin, fever, cold, flu, coughing, etc. The hot spring will be the last stop for this tour.