Special comparative history

Introduction to meditations on
Zen History Comparison


4 audio meditations

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1 – The meaning of the word Zen

An introduction to our work discussing special meditations in relation to Zen History

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2 – The proposed goal : Become at least a Buddha

Learn Zen History to go beyond Zen and History

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3 – Zen founder : The legend of Bodhidharma

The need to rise above materialistic conventions

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4- Koan meditation and Tantra

To reach a state of awareness beyond ordinary words

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Bali 4wd Tour VW Tour Services

Bali 4WD VW BALI TOUR  is a Bali Full Day Tour Package in Bali island to appreciate The Amazing Journey in Bali utilizing Classic Volkswagen Safari Cars to see and experience the excellent destinations. The Volkswagen Safari Bali Tour bundle we offer to you is the best from different bundles, we do choice from the best traveler destination and put in one bundle for day trip and without a doubt is absolutely fulfillment ensure and sensible cost. Our Bali VW Safari Tour bundles is incorporate with extra charge and lunch, so you no compelling reason to stress to purchase extra charge and lunch due we will accommodate your excursion, you simply need to appreciate sit on seat of exemplary convertible Volkswagen Safari Car and appreciate the perspective from the Volkswagen auto while the wind blow your hair and fell the sensation. Our expert Bali Tours Driver Service are inviting directing you to visit the delightful scene of visitor locales and other vacationer destinations by playing out their remarkable for your benefit and agreeable amid VW Safari Bali Tour. The following is VW Safari Bali Tour bundle we offer to you for investigate the magnificence, covered up, and visit the astonishing scene view in Bali island.

Bali 4wd Tour


Bali 4wd Tour is one of the best Bali Activities offer you the different way how to explore the wonders, see the real and the most exotic side of Bali island. we will show you the real Balinese way of life and the most beautiful nature and countryside of Bali island using our open able roof 4WD Legendary Land Rover or 4WD 4wd Cherokee and 4×4 Taft Hiline. All of our vehicle are designed with open able roof, it will be easier for you to stand up and take picture from the vehicle along the tours.

Bali 4wd Bali Jeep Tour is exciting adventure activities to see the most exotic side of Bali, the combination of Jeep tour and ATV or Quad Bike Ride. Enjoy driving our open able roof 4X4 jeep through spectacular countryside scenery and terraced rice fields, this jeep tour takes you to visit Margarana, Batukaru Temple and feel the real off road adventure with ATV or QUAD Bike, up and down hill trough the breathtaking scenery of largest terraced paddy field in Bali and visiting the hot spring as the last stop of this tour. The first stop of this jeep tour is Margarana, in this village we will stop to see the Monument of Puputan Margarana.

This places is I Gusti Ngurah Rai Memorial with his soldier, after World War II ended Indonesia fought against the Dutch for independence, which was achieved in 1949. In November, 1946, Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai led a group of Balinese guerrillas in a doomed battle in which all the Balinese were killed, but it was a moral victory. The Name of Bali Airport and also the main by pass road in Bali also taken from the name of this hero Ngurah Rai. The small military museum has old-fashioned weapons, Colts, Enfield’s, Stem guns, etc also built here.

On the way to Batukaru Temple we will drive through Puluk Puluk, beautiful countryside with it’s exotic views of rice terrace along the way and the Mount Batukaru as the back ground is a good chance for you to know or to witness the villagers way of life and their daily activities in the rice field. This is what the people call see the real Bali. Batukaru Temple is very silent peaceful temple located in the jungle at the foot of mount Batukaru. Pura Luhur Batukaru is a holy site in the eleventh century and was later consecrated by the Rajas of kingdom of Tabanan who made into their state temple and dedicated to their ancestors Gods.

The most important shrine is the unusual seven tired pagoda which is dedicated to Mahadewa the God of Gunung Batukaru. The farmers usually come here to take the holy water for agricultural ceremonies hoping they will have a good harvest. Then ATV or QUAD BIKE activties that you will do, it’s high-tire-wheels are modified specifically for off-road environment, with 250 cc or 350 cc engine power. Easy to drive on wet condition and reliable control to maneuver jumps. 4-stroke machines so no need to worry about using complicated clutch, just increase and reduce the gears, keep accelerator and the brakes.

Specially designed off road 4-wheel motorcycle, it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable and exciting journey. It is balance, it can not turn upside down except you turning suddenly very sharp with high speed. If you followed its instruction and ride carefully, it has exciting journey. Located right on the foot of Batukaru Mountain, feel the real fun off road adventure with ATV QUAD bikes, with the wet, muddy and dry track, rivers, up and down hill trough breathtaking scenery of largest terrace paddy field in Bali, clay type of soil with lots of rain provides fresh pleasant weather and thrilling route all year long.

This is the best ATV or Quad bike ride in Bali, it’s offer the best nature and adventure. Your Indonesian buffet lunch will be served after quad bike ride. NOTE : We provide 2 types of ATV, single and tandem, it is based on your request. And don’t forget to bring change cloth, maybe you will get dirt and wet. Then our next destination is visiting Belulang Hot Spring, consider as the hottest hot spring in Bali, located in the middle of the terraced rice field. You have chance to swim or shower in the fountain here, but don’t forget to bring your towel and change cloths as not allowed to take a bath naked here. The local believe it is good medicine for skin, fever, cold, flu, coughing, etc. The hot spring will be the last stop for this tour.

Bali Driver and Bali Day Tour Services

Family Bali Tours Bali driver assures that Bali is a paradise for everyone, just about every attraction on the island attracts people of all ages, also for children. The combination of culture, friendly people, exciting activities, delicious food and stunning sceneries make Bali as an ideal family holiday and tour destination.

Attractions in Bali varies from surf, sand and beaches to Cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits and traditional Balinese lifestyle experiences. Another Bali tour itinerary for families are adventure activities such as white water rafting, green bike cycling, dolphin’s interaction, horse riding and elephant ride or ATV. There are also theme parks to complete your bali tour such as waterbom, elephant camp, Bali bird park, Bali zoo and Bali Safari Marine Park.

Family Bali Tours Bali Driver is designed to spark passion, inspire a sense of wonder and enrich understanding. When these experiences are shared with loved ones, we bring you closer together. Family Bali Tours take care of every detail of your bali tour holidays, starting from planning to gratuities. Therefore you can do, see and be together as a family on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our trips are designed to immerse families in the places they want to visit with hands-on activities that surely will connect everyone with the heart and soul for destinations and Travel. We are open to customised itinerary based on your interest and needs. Tell us a little bit about yourself or interest and we’ll make sure you get the most relevant information.

Family Bali Tours is a proud TRIPADVISOR Certified Excellence Winner of 2015 that caters all your Bali Sightseeing Tour Activities with our helpful, friendly and fun english speaking bali driver.

Startup Real Estate Agency Launches New Real Estate Website in Phuket, Thailand

As the Phuket and other southern Thailand property market stabilizes, a new startup company composed of property specialist launches an interactive real estate website, a complete resource for buyers and sellers in the region.

Aiming to provide buyers and sellers with comprehensive access to the Phuket real estate market, group of local thai real estate agents announces the launch of http://www.thailandrealestateagency.com or TREA. The interactive site is a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about the housing market in the Southern Thailand area and throughout the rest of the Country.
The site’s launch comes at an optimal time, what with the Phuket housing market currently showing signs of stabilizing. “We hope buyers, sellers and even current homeowners will find the site to be a handy guide to the market and the properties available,” says the founder of TREA. The site has been designed with a streamlined user interface and features a wide variety of real estate tools, property listings, community information and other resources.
“It’s good that the site was launched just as the real estate market here is regaining its equilibrium,” says the founder of TREA. “As a whole, the market in Phuket Thailand saw heightened activity during the first quarter of this year, with home prices and the number of home sales greatly improved as compared to the same period in 2000.”
In general, in fact Phuket has fared better than other metro areas  in terms of housing and the economy. Unlike other areas, Phuket didn’t really have a price bubble, home prices did not need to adjust drastically, plus Phuket also has the advantage of having a stable and diversified economic base.”
TREA a startup company specializes in Phuket, Thailand Properties as well as real estate throughout the district and the region. This new site offers extensive property listings, which include Land, Businesses, Hotels, Phuket homes for sale, Luxury Villas, Condominiums, apartments and other Phuket real estate. Visit http://www.thailandrealestateagency.com for more in-depth information on the market today.

Long Term Rentals in Phuket

Phuket may be named on the list of ‘Top 10 islands in Asia’ by TripAdvisor. Whatever activity you decide, a

holidayrentalthailand.com’s phuket long term rentals will give you the right setting for a family beach holiday.

Tourists are drawn to Phuket for diverse reasons – some arrived at take pleasure in the sandy beaches having its sunny weather, others for Phuket’s mouth-watering cuisine, still others with the various activities available for tourists. All phuket beaches offers probably the greatest views which is perfect for lazing round the beach and sunbathing.

Phuket beaches area offers great trails for all those inclined for a similar. Both basic and strenuous trails is there to match each tourist’s strength and disposition. Jungle and elephant treks are incredibly used often by tourists as a consequence of lush green vegetation and wildlife present close by.

As a consequence of prime location of Thailand, combining various activities becomes easier for tourists. The majority of them spend the initial 1 / 2 your day on trekking activities and enjoy the beach through the fag end during the day. As traveling time between places of tourist interest rates are negligible, daily put in Phuket enables you to its potential.

Phuket beaches is renowned for its sailing facility. Perfectly logical the shore attracts tourists with diverse tastes and big groups. Here, you are able to find something exciting to try and do, no matter what individual taste and preference. Won’t easy for each person in the team to derive enjoyment on the experience.

Phuket beaches offers endless possibilities for aquatic events. However, caution have to be exercised before venturing into water. Looking for warning flags and obeying lifeguard directives are amongst the precautions which might be taken.

After having a full day’s outing, the warmth exuded by holidayrentalthailand.com long term rental phuket is indescribable.

Phuket Thailand Construction Firm

Sotech Co., Ltd., established by Mr. Siwistr Mongkolchaiarunya in 1991, is a construction firm with a full unforeseen of exceptionally experienced in-house draftsmen & architects giving proficient administrations to your task. We collaborate with you to see the venture through, with honesty, genuineness and the various customary qualities that seem, by all accounts, to be hard to come by today. A decent group imparts plainly and consistently.

Our phuket construction firm has an intercultural co-work initiative of Thai and Western supervisors with a limitless affair of working in the special environment of South East Asia. Whether its new construction, outline fabricate, remodel or reconstruct we at Sotech will make your undertaking live up to your most elevated desires, needs and cravings. To us, construction is not just about administration – its additionally about craftsmanship.

Our construction firm ventures incorporate extravagance private manor improvements, townhouses, lodgings, business structures and foundation extends as streets, scaffolds and airplane terminal offices. With our in-house designer and building group we offer cost and time viable configuration fabricate answers for any sort of construction task.

In mid 2015 we opened up our first office abroad in the principle capital of Laos, Vientiane, as we extend our business over the guests of Thailand. A second office abroad followed in the mid-year of 2015 when we opened up for business in Myanmar. Since our initiation, we have devoted ourselves to giving brilliance in nature of construction and conveyance of administrations with incredible vital inclusion.

International Phuket Law Firm

Haris & Associates prides itself as an international professional law firm in Phuket Thailand offering legal services.

Legal Services is generally connected with debates obliging court activity. In truth, it grasps both Litigation and Related Services obliging a comprehension of the law, its consolidation into a demonstration, and the conceivable lawful repercussions that may take after.

Prosecution includes conveying discussions to the correct discussion for the determination of issues. While representation is not obligatory in a couple cases, the help of a Thai Lawyer is crucial in most. This remains constant for Thai litigants, as well as for remote gatherings most particularly. Beside certification that every single legitimate right and resistances are made accessible to the prosecutor, he is in like manner given a “voice” in a gathering where all procedures are led in a dialect that may be foreign to him.

Services which fall into this class incorporate the drafting of open instruments, private contracts or understandings, enrollment and permitting necessities, public accountant Services, individual lawful documentation, and numerous others.

In needing to avoid installment of lawful charges, numerous resort to buying these “Services” by means of online legitimate suppliers. Contracts and understandings are paid by formats and gatherings are only needed to fill-in their particulars to finish the instrument. This has ended up being tempting to numerous, the thinking ahead of funds being their most prominent thought. Notwithstanding, results are acknowledged much later, when unforeseen turns surface and offensive results develop. At last, gatherings are left with no decision yet to re-try what has been done some time recently, or to go to court for a disagreeable fight in court. This obviously, means more costs which ought to have been stayed away from the earliest starting point.

The help of legal counselors is pivotal in the drafting, transaction and execution of these instruments. Attorneys are arranged to take customers through their rights and shields before acts are submitted, or marks are appended. Anticipate that attorneys will likewise disclose to every one of you conceivable legitimate results which may come about because of a demonstration. Basically, legitimate attorney interview brings about more learned choices.

Haris & Associates is arranged to furnish you with Legal Services, both for Litigation and Other Related Services. Our Legal Services are conveyed by a group of Thai and Foreign attorneys and lawyers giving you help by breaking the boundary in the middle of remote and neighborhood dialect.

In the event that you require any legitimate help, please leave a message and our Phuket law office will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

5 Signs You Could Be Wasting Away Your Travel Money

Let’s be honest; voyaging involves significant measures of cash. Regardless of the possibility that you’re hiking or attempting to go as modest as could reasonably be expected, despite everything you’ll have to spend money – your well deserved cash – unless obviously a few companions or relatives are paying for you. This is the reason you have to verify you’re not unwittingly squandering your travel cash away.

1. Not considering travel protection.

Travel protection is the ONE thing that can really shield you from out-of-pocket, sudden costs while you’re out having a ton of fun on a safari in Kenya or windsurfing by a resort Karon beach. Human services costs, particularly in different nations could set you once more to a couple of thousands, which could botch up your funds.

Before traveling to anyplace around the globe, make sure to search for modest travel scope.

2. Booking too soon or past the point of no return.

Booking your trek for one year from now immediately or holding up until the spur of the moment are both not right. What you ought to do is book two to three months ahead of time, as costs can go up or down because of rivalry, supply, request and oil costs. In the event that you’ll be hunting down flights more than a time of a few days, make certain to do it in secret as booking and aerial shuttle destinations could be following your searching conduct through “treats,” raising costs in the event that they recognize you retreating to their site a few times.

3. Not looking at the tourism board.

This is particularly useful in the event that you didn’t book your visits ahead of time or don’t have any thought where to sit tight. Odds are, the staff can point you towards the right bearing, be it a reasonable lodging or a luxury hotel Karon beach resort.

Beside that, the tourism board can likewise help you alter a visit, book an auto rental and even let you know where to test the best nearby dishes.

4. Not calling hotels for better rates.

There’s nothing off with booking your convenience through travel orgs, however remember that they take a cut off the room rates. This could imply that you may really have the capacity to spare cash on the off chance that you remove the agent and arrange straightforwardly with hotel staff.

To verify you get the best arrangement, check online first. At that point, call a hotel or resort to think about rates.

5. Not exploiting visitor cards.

A few urban communities offer these things, which could spare you a ton of cash. You can buy one of these at a tourism office and will pick up you passage to real nearby attractions for an one-time expense. Additionally, they can provide for you rebates at a few restaurants or even open transportations.

Dodge these travel botches so you can capitalize on your financial budget.

Karon Beach Phuket

Phunawa Karon Beach Resort and Spa

This spot is a most loved among those looking to use a decent, unwinding break in Thailand. Here, the ocean is cool and the shoreline is a quieter rendition of Patong Beach. Extending about three miles in length, Karon is without a doubt the best end for the individuals who need to appreciate the ocean and sand without the preoccupation of different beachgoers. Karon Beach is likewise an extraordinary excursion spot for families searching for a child agreeable town. Also on the off chance that you stay at Phunawa Karon Beach Resort Thailand, you’ll have more motivation to love this laid-back traveler spot.

The world is a play area for those searching for an escapade. So whenever you’re on a chase for an incredible shoreline to use your vacation in, remember Karon Beach in Phuket.